How LED bulbs can make a difference to your finances

LED bulbs can save CO2 and money

What role do LED Bulbs have to play in improving energy efficiency and reducing fuel bills? What exactly can UK households do to reduce their electricity bills? Consumers are finding themselves paying more and more for energy, as prices remain on an upwards curve. With fossil fuel reserves dwindling, and cleaner energies requiring significant infrastructure investment, the prospects of cheaper …

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Top 5 benefits of upgrading to GU10 LED light bulbs

What are the key advantages of switching to LED light bulbs? An increasing number of people are turning to GU10 LEDs to meet their lighting needs, but why exactly is this the case? There are a number of advantages to using the bulbs, which can act as a direct replacement for GU10 halogens. Here are some of the potential benefits …

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Consumers ‘can reduce costs by switching to LEDs’

Replacing incandescents and other types of light bulbs with LEDs can save money, says Alex Werbowy, an analyst at Alliance Trust Investment. Cost is a powerful driver of LED light bulb uptake, it has been claimed. Alex Werbowy, an analyst at Alliance Trust Investment, said LED bulbs are clearly more economical than traditional incandescent bulbs. Writing for Business Green, he …

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Which? offers warning over low-quality LED light bulbs

Research conducted by consumer group Which has highlighted the importance of buying good quality LED light bulbs. A new study has highlighted the importance of investing in good quality LED bulbs from reputable manufacturers. Research conducted by consumer group Which? found that a small proportion of LED light bulbs are failing to last their advertised lifespan. Under European Union regulations, …

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Why cheaper bulbs are a false economy

Buying cheaper, lower quality light bulbs often ends up costing more in the long term. As the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’, and this tends to be true where light bulbs are concerned. Consumers have a variety of different bulbs from umpteen manufacturers to choose from, across a range of sizes, styles and fittings. Many of these bulbs are …

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GU10 lighting: Just one room or the whole house?

What do homeowners stand to gain from GU10 LED bulbs? There are plenty of advantages to using the lighting solutions – including lower electricity consumption, reduced costs, longer bulb longevity, reduced lighting maintenance and increased safety. Replacing incandescent or halogen light bulbs with LEDs enables homeowners to capitalise on these benefits – but the extent to which they do so …

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