Helping to Protect the Environment

With businesses struggling in this tough market and people finding it hard to keep on top of their bank balances we felt it was time you could do with something that would save you money and still help protect the environment.If you’re looking to save money long term then our GU10 Bulbs are just what you could be looking for. …

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GU10 LED Bulbs

Homewatt was founded by Bridget Clifford and Dominic Hughes, following the research they conducted surrounding the domestic “green energy” sector. We aim to give our customers the chance to save lots of money as well as helping to protect the planet. Most of our bulbs will pay themselves off within 12 months and all will definitely have done so by …

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Our Environment

It is important that we all take a healthy and natural approach to helping our environment. We all use the resources of the world and should respect what we have. We shouldn’t be using up all of our natural resources as though there is no tomorrow. We all know that these resources won’t be available to us again for millions …

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