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Nobel Prize for Inventors of Blue LEDs Who Gave Us White Light

The 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics has been awarded to 3 scientists who invented blue LEDs. In the early 1990s red and green diodes had been around for a long time but without blue light, white  light could not be created. Despite big efforts, the blue LED had remained a challenge for three decades and its invention triggered a fundamental …

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Why continued innovation is crucial for the LED market

The longevity of LED bulbs means it is important that manufacturers bring new and innovative solutions to the market, to encourage continued sales. Innovation is continuing apace in the lighting sector, as manufacturers create increasingly powerful and efficient solutions for homes and businesses. LED technology advances year-by-year, bringing ever-more effective light bulbs on to the market at increasingly attractive price-points. …

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Light Emitting Di-algae Found In the Pacific Ocean

Scientists working on the research vessel Global Challenger have discovered light emitting di-algae (“LEDs”) growing wild on seamounts in the Marianas Trench, which is nearly 7 miles deep in places. The newly discovered di-algae grow on silica crystals deposited on thermal vents in the deepest parts of the Pacific and harness the heat energy coming from within the earth, converting …

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Green Investment Bank and SGEF to invest £50m in energy efficiency projects

£50 million is to be invested in UK energy efficiency projects through a new alliance formed by the Green Investment Bank and Societe Generale Equipment Finance. The UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) and Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF) are linking up to provide £50 million in funding for energy efficiency projects. Funding from the alliance will allow organisations to develop …

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Glasgow receives funds for LED street lights upgrade

Glasgow to use LED street lights illustrated bu picture of Buchanan Street

LED street lights are set to be deployed in Glasgow after funding was provided by the Green Investment Bank. Glasgow will become the latest UK city to replace sodium street lights with LED equivalents, it has been reported. According to the Guardian, Scotland’s second city is to roll out energy-efficient LED street lights, a move it says will save millions …

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Glasgow deploying LED lights ahead of Commonwealth Games

Scotland’s second city is the latest to upgrade its street lamps to LEDs, in a bid to reduce costs and minimise maintenance work. As Glasgow prepares to host the Commonwealth Games later in 2014, it is taking a number of steps to become a smart city. One of the areas being overhauled in Scotland’s second city is public lighting, with …

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