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Provide key LED bulb info on packaging, manufacturers urged

Ashden’s Simon Brammer says bulb manufacturers can do more to raise awareness of the benefits of LEDs. Manufacturers can boost LED light bulb adoption rates by simplifying product packaging, it has been claimed. Writing for Guardian Professional, Simon Brammer, of energy charity Ashden, urged vendors to “let go of what they know” and focus on delivering the information consumers need. …

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LED bulbs set to deliver winter strawberries in the UK

led bulbs used to grow strawberries

The availability of low-cost lighting means Wallings Nursery can produce 30 tonnes of strawberries over the winter. LED lights are great for general and feature lighting in the home, but their usefulness does not end there. Far from it – LED bulbs have wide range of functions across business, commerce and public services. According to Sainsbury’s, a new role for …

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Newest LED bulbs are most energy-efficient, claims E.ON

E.ON’s small and medium-sized enterprise manager Siân Evans urges homeowners to invest in the latest LED technology, and ensure bulbs are fit-for-purpose. How can homeowners and business users ensure they maximise the energy-efficiency gains with LED light bulbs? According to one energy supplier, the type of LED bulbs the customer buys has an impact on the amount it costs to …

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No health fears over LED lights, says experts

Experts from the Institute of Physics and London Eye Hospital have dismissed claims that LED light bulbs are harmful to human eyesight. Consumers should not be worried about the impacts of LED light bulbs on their vision, it has been claimed. Henry Lau, from the Institute of Physics, has dismissed claims from the Complutense University of Madrid that LED bulbs …

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New world record for Australian home adorned with 502,165 LED lights

A home in Canberra has been decorated with more than half a million LED lights in the run-up to Christmas. There are various types of LED bulbs for homeowners to choose from, and also a variety of roles they can play for lighting in the home. Many homeowners use their GU10 LEDs for general lighting, but other types of LEDs …

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Independent report dismisses health fears over LED street lamps

A local authority is set to roll out LED street lamps after an independent report said there were no grounds to believe the lights can harm human health. Trafford Council looks like becoming the latest UK local authority to upgrade its street lamps using energy-efficient LED technology. The £9.3 million is set to put the plans out to tender next …

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