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Don’t panic. When we test returns bulbs with screw fittings we almost invariably find they work in our test rigs (courtesy of Ikea). Lamp holders for screw connectors have two sprung connectors. One at the base and one at the side. See picture below: Over time the connectors, particularly the side connector  can become flattened or misaligned. We have found …

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Get your new LEDs in place this summer

With several months of long nights to look forward to, now could be the ideal time to carry out a lighting upgrade in your home. So the clocks have gone forward, the temperatures are rising and we can all look forward to some nice long summer evenings. One of the benefits of the high season is that there is less of …

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Why do LED lights last longer?

led lights last longer than traditional bulbs

What is it about LED light bulbs that makes them last so long? One of the main benefits for homeowners investing in LED light bulbs is that they last so long – potentially a decade or two without losing their brightness. This means that once you have fitted an LED bulb, this might be your last act – in terms …

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When would you use an MR11 LED bulb?

MR11 low voltage less are ideal for cabinet lighting

What are the main uses for low-voltage MR11 LED light bulbs? In many cases, LED light bulbs are purchased to provide general lighting in the home. But they also have other uses, such as in feature lighting, displays, in cupboards and cabinets, and even in vehicles. Sometimes it makes sense to use low-voltage LED lighting, particularly where there is a …

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Dimming your LED lights for a romantic Valentine’s Day

LEDs provide romantic lighting for Valentine's day

Friday February 14th is upon us, and that only means one thing – it’s Valentine’s Day. The day of the year when love-struck singletons aim to woo their would-be partner, and couples make an extra effort to do something romantic together. Many people choose to head out on the town on Valentine’s Day evening, eager to enjoy the nightlife and treat their …

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Buying LEDs: How to choose the perfect bulb

A number of decisions need to be made when buying LED light bulbs. When it comes to improving the efficiency of your household lighting, deciding to upgrade to LEDs is the first step – and the most crucial one. Switching from incandescent or halogen bulbs to LEDs allows homeowners to illuminate their homes using just a fraction of the electricity …

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