Church switches to Astralumen™ LED bulbs


St James Church in Great Horwood, near Milton Keynes, has seen the light when it comes to choosing energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting that also compliments its beautiful 14th Century architecture and enhances its ambience. The new LEDs supplied by local lighting experts, Homewatt, are a shining example of how parishes everywhere can save money and meet aesthetic needs.

St James switched to Astralumen™ LED bulbs after halogens kept failing
St. James Great Horwood

St James Church, Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire

David Brazier, treasurer for St James, was looking for an economical and workable lighting solution and turned to Homewatt for help and advice. They recommended replacing the church’s standard 50W halogen lamps with MR16 Astralumen™ LED light bulbs, which provide a low energy alternative to their traditional halogen counterparts. They have been designed to maximize light output and life expectancy whilst reducing electricity usage by a massive 85%. Swapping the halogen bulbs for LEDs was just like changing any other light bulb and no special fittings were required.

As with all LEDs, these bulbs also last up to 25 times longer than halogen bulbs – which is very useful in buildings such as churches, where ceilings can be high and changing a lightbulb can be a major challenge.

Bridget Clifford, business development manager for Homewatt, .said: “Whilst the fitting of LEDs in St James’s was straightforward, reconciling the various lighting demands of any old building can be a challenge. The lighting needs to address function and practicality, without compromising aesthetics and atmosphere. There is a lot to consider, particularly in older churches where there is often little natural daylight and high ceilings.”

Homewatt is always glad to offer technical advice and assistance for any indoor or outdoor lighting requirements. For more information or help please visit the website at, email or call on: 01296 821 150.

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