Glasgow deploying LED lights ahead of Commonwealth Games

Scotland’s second city is the latest to upgrade its street lamps to LEDs, in a bid to reduce costs and minimise maintenance work.

As Glasgow prepares to host the Commonwealth Games later in 2014, it is taking a number of steps to become a smart city.

One of the areas being overhauled in Scotland’s second city is public lighting, with 10,000 sodium street lamps being replaced by LEDs and compact fluorescent bulbs.

As reported by the Guardian, the city has been awarded £25 million from the government’s Technology Strategy Board to showcase new technologies.

Lighting is one of the focus areas, as the city council looks to reduce its energy consumption and also the time and money spent maintaining lamps.

The deployment in Glasgow will be slightly different to that of other cities however.

LED lamps deployed across the city are being equipped with digital sensors, allowing them to be controlled remotely.

This means the street lamps can respond to changes in the local environment, such as an increase in traffic.

According to the European Commission, these intelligent controls can lead to average energy savings of between 50 per cent and 70 per cent.

Glasgow looks to be succeeding where many other towns and cities are failing at present.

Despite a number of councils embracing LED lighting, the Guardian reports that just ten per cent of new street lights deployed across the UK are LED-based.

Councils are either unaware of the economic case for switching to light-emitting diodes, or they are rejecting it anyway.

With continued pressure on the public purse, the deployment of LED street lights can lead to significant savings – both through the energy efficiency of the bulbs and their longevity.

Just like your GU10 LEDs in the home, LED street lights last longer than traditional sodium lamps, meaning fewer replacements and challenging bulbs changes are needed.

Every time a sodium light blows, a cherry picker is required to access the bulb. As such, it is a costly and time-consuming repair process.

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