Parks Trust Chooses Astralumen™ GU10 LEDs

The Parks Trust, an independent charity which owns and cares for many of the parks, woodland, lakesides and landscaped areas throughout Milton Keynes, knows a lot when it comes to most things green, but turned to lighting experts, Homewatt to help with environmentally friendly lighting for its function suite at Campbell Park Pavilion, in the heart of the city.

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The function suite at Campbell Park Pavilion, Milton Keynes

When The Trust needed to use the function suite as temporary office accommodation, it found that the existing lighting scheme wasn’t appropriate, and was keen to find a more versatile light source which was also energy efficient.

The Trust’s 50W halogen lamps were not bright enough, and while much lighter workplace lighting was necessary during the week, a softer, more subdued look was required at weekends when the space was still used for functions.


Homewatt recommended the use of one its new products, the GU10 LED Astralumen light bulb, which produces a brilliant 480 lumens Monday to Friday.  At weekends, they can be dimmed to a more welcoming and subdued light for functions and still manage to use 85% less electricity than a 50W halogen.  These products also last up to 25 times longer than halogen bulbs.


5W MR16 Astralumen™ LED
5W MR16 Astralumen™ LED

Homewatt’s new Astralumen GU10 LED

The Parks Trust replaced all of the halogen lamps with the new Astralumen™  LEDs in warm white with selective use of daylight white for those employees who suffer from migraines.

Dimmable GU10 LEDs allow for office and recreational use

Rachel Whitehall, health and safety manager of the Parks Trust, said:  “Homewatt’s GU10 Astralumen LEDs have really improved the practicality and the ambience of our function suite.  Opting for a daylight white bulb has significantly improved the working area for task lighting and is much kinder to those suffering from light sensitive migraines.  Everyone is much happier since the new lights went in.  We are saving energy and money too so the new product is perfect.”

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