Don’t panic. When we test returns bulbs with screw fittings we almost invariably find they work in our test rigs (courtesy of Ikea).

The 3 lamps we tested: left R63 - didn't work at first middle R80 - worked OK right E27 candle CFL has been in use for many years
E27 lamps:
left R63
middle R80
right E27 candle CFL has been in use for many years

Lamp holders for screw connectors have two sprung connectors. One at the base and one at the side. See picture below:

E27 holder

Over time the connectors, particularly the side connector  can become flattened or misaligned. We have found that gently prising the  side connector will bring it back to its original position.

adjust E27 holder

So, if you find your new R50, R63 or R80 LED  bulb fails to light in a fitting that you know was working OK the problem is very likely to be the side connector in the fitting. SWITCHING THE ELECTRICITY OFF AT THE MAINS BOX and gently prising the connector out with a screw driver will solve the vast majority of problems. Very occasionally you may find the connector at the base needs a tweak.

Don’t forget to switch the electricity back on. You should find your bulbs work without any further problems, but if they don’t contact us.

You can download a single sheet pdf here:

Want to buy these lamps?

The R63:


and whilst stocks last, 9W candle:

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