Marine electrician chooses Homewatt’s low voltage LEDs for yachts


Boats on a strict power consumption budget always need to look at ways of saving energy at sea, and reviewing an on-board lighting scheme can go a long way to lightening the load.

Marine Electrician, Craig Cossar, is seeing impressive results by directly replacing halogen lamps with G4 low voltage LEDs on his customers’ boats. He has found that dramatic savings can be made on the average daily energy demand, and that usage offers significant cost benefits over time.

Craig, owner of The Vital Spark, a marine services company based in Southampton, is now using these lamps, supplied by lighting specialist Homewatt, for all interior boat lighting applications, including in the galley and cabin areas, as well as for navigational lighting.
He says: “The lengthy hours of night time sailing, especially on a long passage such as an Atlantic crossing, require a high efficiency power strategy to lighten the load on the battery bank. Newer lighting technologies such as super-bright LEDs can make substantial reductions to this load. There are other benefits too – unlike the halogen lamps, the G4 LEDs give off very little heat, they are shock and vibration resistant and easy to seal.”
On many older boats, halogen lights are commonly installed for internal lighting and can use from 5 to 50 watts of power. In most situations, these can be replaced with LED clusters with a power draw of 1.5w to 3w. For the same amount of energy, the LEDs will provide approximately 15 hrs of light, compared to 1 hour of light using standard halogen bulbs.

Low voltage led lighting is ideal for retrofitting to yachts and leisure craft
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Cossar recommends investing in good quality low voltage LEDs. He says: “I have been using Homewatt’s lamps for over a year now and I haven’t had a single report of a blown bulb. This is exceptional, and is a reflection of excellent quality components. Also, the company’s knowledge and expertise in this area, as well as their service, is second to none.”
Homewatt’s ultra efficient, long life expectancy G4 and MR11 LED bulbs can directly replace halogen G4s and MR11s. Their single sided disc configuration give off very little heat and produce a strong, well focused light, ideal for task and accent lighting as well as decorative applications. Using high quality chips, they are available in 5, 6, 9 10 and 18 SMD in both warm white and daylight white. Navigation and festoon lamps are also offered in this range.

Bridget Clifford, business development director of Homewatt, said: “These lamps are perfect for boat interiors and can be used almost everywhere; for example on steps, for chart and navigation lighting and in berths too. Switching to LEDs for on board lighting leads to massive savings in battery life and greater freedom from shore power.

Homewatt is always glad to offer technical advice and assistance for any indoor or outdoor lighting requirements. For more information or help please visit the website at, email or call on: 01296 821 150.
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