S7 LED Floor Lamp by Structures

We recently started to offer the S7 Floor Lamp by Structures. Bridget saw it at a show and loved the slightly funky, modern look that would fit into just about any environment, whether a cottage like ours, a grand house or even an office.

A bit of Biology

when discussing the lamp the supplier mentioned that he thought the design had been influenced by a protein structure. This piqued our curiosity and we turned to Google to see whether this might be true. It turns out that there is a gene called the  ribosomal protein S7 (aka RPS7) which encodes a protein called 40S ribosomal protein S7, located in the cytoplasm, the gel like stuff that fills out the inside of cells.

Not seeing much design influence so far (or more likely the biology went over our heads) we looked for some images and found this:

RPS7 ribosomal protein

The looping structure combined with extended sections certainly has some similarity with the lamp:

S7 LED floor lamp
S7 extended

although we suspect the designer, Nicolas Pichelin, would have preferred the protein to have been rendered in black and white.

The S7 is not just a pretty face

Although the pictures demonstrate the point of the S7, which to is bring some design flair combined with a highly functional lighting solution to all types of space, they don’t really explain the clever bits. Nor does the marketing stuff from Structures.

The lamp consists of three main elements and a great deal of thought has clearly gone into each one:

  1. The power supply
  2. The main lamp structure
  3. The LED lighting head

The S7 power supply

All LEDs require a low voltage supply and therefore some form of transformer (or electronic driver) to convert a mains electricity supply into low voltage DC for the LED chips. These electronics can be bulky and also have cooling requirements so the S7 packages them into a neat, compact and unobtrusive power supply unit outside the main lamp body.

S7 body

It is the body that is the point of the S7 led floor lamp. Manufactured from 2 specially created and patented composite cylinders, one inside the other, the body can be stretched and coiled into a vast variety of shapes, limited only by an owner’s imagination and the overall 2.5m length (8′ 2.4″). Needing only 3 points to touch the ground in order to remain stable it can be formed as an über modern standard lamp or coiled along the floor, or any variation in between.

The tubes are light but very strong and silky smooth on the outside. We understand the technology is derived from the composites used in high performance yachting and certainly the combination of strength, lightness and rigidity makes the S7 a product that can be expected to last a very long time.

There is a a recommended minimum curve of 50cm but with this constraint the S7 will make whatever shape you like. It does require a little bit of strength to manipulate the body into shape but that shape is then held without sagging, slinking or sloping off. So long as the minimum curve constraint is observed the S7 will not kink at all, nor is there any memory effect. If you decide to change the shape it will be as sleek and permanent in the new structure as the old.

S7 LED lighting head

Consisting of 8 x 3W LEDs mounted in an precision machined, anodised aluminium head the light unit delivers 800 lumens of warm white light. The light is directional, albeit with a wide 120° beam; equivalent to something like a 100W incandescent R80 reflector in terms of performance. The head attaches with a click and lock mechanism and is interchangeable, allowing for a variety of shapes to be made available in the future or lighting heads with different finishes to be used as the lamp is moved between different rooms.

At the moment black and silver anodised finishes are available, but check the shop to see the full range at any time.


The S7 LED floor lamp will appeal to anybody with a liking for sleek modern design and its simplicity means it will look at home in almost any environment. In the home we imagine most customers will use it as a modern alternative to a standard lamp but the S7 would also work very well in a modern office context, in reception areas or meeting rooms, bringing instant design pizzazz without trying too hard.

It was the understated functionality that drew us to the product and will ensure its place as a timeless design classic.

Buy the S7 LED Floor Lamp from Homewatt

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