When would you use an MR11 LED bulb?


What are the main uses for low-voltage MR11 LED light bulbs?

In many cases, LED light bulbs are purchased to provide general lighting in the home. But they also have other uses, such as in feature lighting, displays, in cupboards and cabinets, and even in vehicles. Sometimes it makes sense to use low-voltage LED lighting, particularly where there is a limited power supply and energy-efficiency is all important.

Consumers have a number of options when it comes to low-voltage bulbs. Compact multifaceted reflector (MR) bulbs are highly popular as an alternative to energy-sapping halogen bulbs. They are small, flexible and offer a high level of beam control, bringing with it a good quality of illumination.

Like other types of LED, they require only a small amount of electricity to create a light source, and can be expected to last for many years without losing their brightness. This means the bulbs typically offer a return on investment after a year or two – the savings made on electricity during their lifetime should cover the initial purchase price many times over.

Using MR11 LED light bulbs

MR11s are one type of multifaceted reflector bulbs, typically used on boats and yachts, and in caravans, camper vans and other recreational vehicles. Owners need a bright, reliable light source, but they may only have a limited energy supply at certain points so efficiency is all-important.

Ensuring you have reliable, high-quality lighting is crucial. If you are staying on our boat or in your caravan, and are unable to plug into the mains, you want to be sure there is sufficient power to provide a source of light in the evenings when it gets dark. After all, this is your leisure time we are talking about!

Using MR11 LED light bulbs can reduce energy consumption by up to 90 per cent compared to a halogen bulb with the equivalent fitting. The compact size and focused light offered by these low-voltage bulbs is ideal for users – it ensures nothing goes to waste.

MR11s are also commonly used in feature lighting – for instance, in trophy cabinets and museum displays. They have the ability to illuminate objects – or specific parts of objects – without drowning them in light or detracting from the focus.

Using MR11 LEDs effectively

As with their larger sibling MR16, the use of these bulbs is not always entirely straightforward. Users need to remember they are a low-voltage lighting source, and as such need a constant current and voltage to function properly.  Because the bulbs are so efficient and draw such low power from the mains, an LED driver may be required instead of the existing halogen transformer.

These are readily available from Homewatt – users simply need to understand the need to use one in order to make their MR11 bulbs work. The drivers – which produce 12V DC – can also be used with LED strips, if these are being utilised as part of household lighting features. Drivers are currently priced at £11.95 per unit and are available by clicking here.

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