We calculate two sorts of savings from:

  1. lower electricity consumption 
  2. fewer bulb purchases because of the longer life compared to traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs

We assume that a traditional incandescent or halogen bulb has a useful life of 1000 hours and that this is also the normal annual use. For the purposes of our calculator we assume our compact fluorescent low energy bulbs will last 8000 hours and our GU10 LED bulbs will last only 25000 hours.

Other assumptions are:

  • an electricity cost of 15.44p/kwh (updated Dec 2013 from UK Department of Energy & Climate Change Quarterly Stats)
  • the replacement cost of an incandescent/halogen bulb is one eighth our selling price for the low energy bulb equivalent
  • Of course, the savings shown are illustrative and actual savings will depend upon actual operating conditions and may be more or less than those shown. However, we believe the figures shown are reasonable.

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